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Our staff is ready to assist with your backflow equipment needs. Our Certified Testers have 70 years of combined backflow experience.  Our office staff are all customer service professionals, using technology to effectively communicate with you and the water district. We look forward to serving you!

Bill Coulter Bill Coulter

Bill started the company in 1982 and he oversees all aspects of the business.  He is a certified backflow tester and maintains his skill and expertise by actively testing, repairing and installing backflow preventers in the field (not as much as he used to, though!).  Bill has developed numerous long-term friendships with our clients, reaching out to promote Pacific Backflow and teaching about effective backflow prevention programs.

Anne Coulter Anne Coulter

Anne is our office manager and accounting manager, responsible for the daily operations of the office and all the company accounting.  She started the company with Bill in 1982 and has conceived or developed many of the system and technology efficiencies that enable us to provide speedy, excellent service.  She doesn't test any backflow devices, but we sure couldn't do it without her!

Mike Lynch Mike Lynch

Mike is our operations manager and responsible for daily field operations.  He is a certified backflow tester, but he stays pretty busy keeping all of our field techs coordinated.  Mike schedules backflow tests, repairs and installations to ensure our customers receive timely communication and excellent service. He also writes our competitively priced bids and works with our suppliers to keep costs low.

James Barkley James Barkley

James is a certified Cross Connection Control Specialist. His many years of backflow testing, repair and installation experience are essential as he offers technical assistance to our customers, gathers field information to facilitate our bidding process, and advocates for effective backflow prevention programs.  He is also our Safety Officer and Human Resources Representative.

Sharon Frazier Sharon Frazier

Sharon is essential to keeping our workflow efficient so that our customers receive the highest level of service. She communicates regularly with water district personnel and ensures that your compliance paperwork reaches the right hands! She also helps answer your calls, so she might be one of the first voices you hear.  

Lisa Del Bene Lisa Del Bene

Lisa has extensive operational and service experience with years of direct customer interaction. Her education in business with a focus on finance lends well to her role in accounts receivable. She helps us ensure your account details are valued and can assist when you have invoicing questions.

Vicki Ardoin Vicki Ardoin

Vicki helps to assure that each test report form and job request follows the same path from the time it comes in to Pacific Backflow until it is invoiced. Our disciplined process allows us to keep track of each and every backflow device to minimize the possibility that a backflow test due-date will be missed. Vicki will answer your call and she can quickly research the status of your backflow test. Like the rest of our team, Vicki is dedicated to outstanding customer service.

Jesse Marsh Jesse Marsh

Jesse is a versatile member of our Operations staff. Splitting his time between the office and field, he helps Mike to efficiently route our technicians in service to our customers, as well as being a Certified Backflow Technician. Most recently before joining Pacific Backflow he was an EMT, so he combines a hands-on attitude with excellent customer skills.

Josh Hoden Josh Hoden

Josh has been part of our team since 2011. As a Certified Backflow Tester, he contributes every day to our culture of excellence.  Josh is a keen repair technician with the knowledge and experience to get things done right. He uses his knowledge to help our customers understand their backflow prevention equipment.

Julian King Julian King

Julian spent many years in facilities maintenance before coming to Pacific Backflow Company. He became a Certified Backflow Tester in 2012 and has quickly become great at diagnosis and repair of backflow preventers. Julian's willing attitude and dependability make him one of the keys to our good customer service!

Alex Rivera Alex Rivera

Alex has been with us since the early days of 2014. He is a Certified Backflow Tester and cross-trained in the operational side of things. His enthusiasm, humility and desire to contribute make him an excellent part of our team!

Derek Orr Derek Orr

Joining us in late 2015, Derek is a Certified Backflow Tester and also helps with customer service and scheduling in our Operations Department. He has previous experience as an EMT as well. He brings professionalism to every customer interaction. We are glad to have him on our team!

Jeffrey Clarke Jeffrey Clarke

Jeff became part of the Pacific Backflow family in mid-2017 and is a Certified Backflow Tester. Since joining us, he has developed his skill as a field technician, always bringing a great attitude and jumping in to any task with a great work ethic! He has proven himself to be dependable and we're glad to have him as part of our customer service team.

Andrew Lapp Andrew Lapp

Joining us in early 2018, Andrew has been a Certified Backflow Tester since 2016 and is now one of our full time field technicians. In addition, he has skills in welding and metal work. A courteous professional, Andrew is the kind of guy you can really look up to. We're glad to have him on our team!